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Clients drive our innovation Awesome is awesome when your clients says so

Fully customised to match your needs

We don’t take a white label approach. We custom build the IBE to manage your needs

When we say fast, we mean fast

With an expert team behind, we have launched mission critical projects within 3 months

Powering travel technology since 2002

Even though we have been doing this for years, our platforms and tech stack is up to date, catering for today’s customers.

2002 – Our journey begins

Building up a team of experts in API integration, UI/UX design with a seamless engine interface, we developed a robust travel booking technology which could handle multiple supplier XML feeds and payment gateways.

2006 – From modernising travel agents to being destination ancillary partners to airlines

We began to partner with airlines in 2006, bringing with us our e-commerce expertise in Internet Booking Engines on web and mobile, CRM solutions, frequent flyer programs, corporate booking portals and dynamic packaging – all with the aim of increasing the airlines’ revenues.

2015 – 20 airlines and counting our hard work

We are trusted by more than 20 airlines as integration with GoQuo is fast, easy and cost effective with ready-made solutions for airlines on any host (Amadeus, Navitaire, Sabre, Travelsky, Radixx) and connections to 70+ payment channels and 40+ ancillary product suppliers.

Our multinational, in-house team is expertly skilled in software development and has a thorough understanding of the travel industry needs and trends. GoQuo is not just a travel technology provider – we take pride in playing an active role when it comes to consulting and strategising with our clients in order to maximise their sales and margins.

2020 and beyond

Today, we have over 100 passionate experts in our team, and we have offices in five countries across the globe, headquartering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with development and customer support centres in India and Vietnam.

Thanks to our unique partnering approach, we like to think of GoQuo as airlines’ best friend when it comes to managing their online travel retail and supercharing their revenue generation efforts.

Our technology and platforms are trusted by